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A Guest Blog at CodeX

"Textual Data, Law & Finance" Workshop, organized by Karl Branting (Principal AI Engineer at MITRE) and Ted Sichelman (Professor of Law at USD):  A guest blog at Stanford Law School Blogs, February, 2016.

Special thanks to Monica Bay, a journalist, lawyer, provocateur and a CodeX fellow, for the invitation to contribute to the CodeX blog.  

Automated Electronic Discovery

 "Automated Electronic Discovery"                            by Jana Sukkarieh, August 2016. 

Special thanks to Bill Dimm, Founder & CEO of Hot Neuron, for reviewing the first version.

Automation (general)



Rube Goldberg Machines

“The Art and Science of Rube Goldberg Machines”, August 2017.

Robotic Process Automation

"Robotic Process Automation", September 2017.








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